Meg Sutcliffe (Director)
Steve Bavaro (IBDP Coordinator)
Oliver Beck (IBMYP Coordinator)
Nilde Pais (IBPYP Coordinator)

Ada Lynde Del Curto (Administrative Assistant)

Teaching Faculty

Kerrie Alden
Regina Ali
Anna Amor
Alex Bauer
Kornelia Beck
Marie Bracko
Giorgia Cattoretti
Babett Cevirgen
James Clements
Marion Coovi-Handemagnon
Kharla Giannotti
Mabel Heinzle
Carina Holmstrom
Maria Kalla
Ilse Linford
Tina Martins
Cindy Mueller
Rick Salm
Louise Steel
Karin Wallner
Franziska Zschokke

Technology Integration & IT Support

Gus Alcalá

Business Office

Heiner Graf
Sarah Graf
Marc Sieber

Facilities Support

Ivonne Berner
Neil Finnucane

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