ISR IB Diploma record

ISR achieves record IB Diploma average score of 34!

We are delighted to announce the best ever ISR average IB Diploma point score.  The average point score was 34 for ISR students out of a possible total of 45. This is all the more impressive when placed against a worldwide average score of 29.9 points. One of our students scaled the lofty heights of 39 points, placing her in the top 13% of all students across the world completing the IB Diploma this year.

ISR IB Diploma Coordinator, Steve Bavaro, said ‘We are extremely pleased with the IB Results of our ISR 2020 Diploma class. All our students achieved the IB Diploma and, once again, this reflects the special nature of our graduates. We are very proud of them and wish them all the best in the future.’.

Liz Free, ISR CEO and Director, said ‘Like all students across the world, our students faced the challenges of a global pandemic, home learning and the unexpected change of the assessment system.  Our students have demonstrated resilience, dedication and unwavering commitment to their studies at this time.  It is a pleasure to see them succeed so significantly.  ISR has had its best year ever for results against what has been a challenging year for education across the world.  This is testament to the quality of education offered at ISR.  The future is bright for all our students and we wish them every success in their future.’

Further information about the IB Diploma programme can be found here.