Klaus Risch leaves ISR Board – Alex Sprenger succeeds him as HILTI representative

Klaus Risch resigns from the Board of the International School Rheintal after 18 years. His
commitment to ISR was exceptional. As a representative of HILTI AG and as a
representative of the HILTI Family Foundation Liechtenstein, but also individually as a
member of the council, he enabled and promoted the development of ISR. Alex Sprenger
succeeds him as the new representative of HILTI AG on the ISR Board.

Right from the beginning, Michael Hilti was a strong promoter and HILTI AG, as the first
major sponsor, played a key role in making ISR in Buchs possible. The commitment of the
HILTI representatives went far beyond their own interests. About a third of the students at
ISR come from families in the HILTI environment.

With loans from the Martin Hilti Trust, investments from the past twenty years of approx.
CHF 7 Mio. have been financed. Due to the good development of ISR, the HILTI Family
Foundation Liechtenstein decided to make an extremely generous contribution. ISR will get
a new school building with furnishing entirely sponsored by the HILTI Family Foundation
Liechtenstein, ranging in the scope of CHF 25 to 30 Mio. The planning of the school building
is currently at the stage of the building application. Construction is scheduled to begin this
year. The move into the new school building is planned for summer 2023.

Klaus Risch was a driver behind the sustainable development of school quality, cost control,
organizational structure and marketing. He is leaving the board at a time when the numbers
have grown to over 150 students and ISR is self-financed for the first time. The board and
the ISR community would like to thank Klaus Risch for his great commitment over 18 years
and are pleased that Klaus, as chairman of the steering committee for the new ISR building,
remains connected to ISR when expanding the infrastructure.

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