ISR is now a CIS accredited school. In gaining accreditation status, the school demonstrates:

  • its commitment to high quality international education.
  • it is devoted to its Mission and Vision for students, as expressed in its Guiding Statements.
  • it focuses on the quality of teaching and the progress students make, their standards of achievement (in the broadest sense) as well as the students’ safeguarding and well-being.
  • its commitment to the development of the students’ global citizenship.
  • it knows itself; it has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.
  • it is student-orientated; its philosophy of education is suitable for the students on roll and encompasses the development of the whole individual.
  • it accepts objective assessment; it is prepared to open its doors periodically to regular evaluation by its own school community and by outside experienced practitioners.
  • it is constantly seeking to improve its performance in all areas in order to ensure it attains the desired learning outcomes for its students.
  • it plans strategically for the future.



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