Global Recognition

We are very pleased that both the IB Diploma Program and CIS Accreditation provide our ISR students access to a university education at institutions around the globe. These two organisations work with national education organisations and universities to ensure that students who successfully complete these school programs have a wealth of university options.

From the IB:

The International Baccalaureate® (IB), and the Diploma Programme (DP) in particular, enjoys a high level of respect and recognition among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IB often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions-related benefits at many universities.

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From CIS:

The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries and departments of education around the world. The CIS International Accreditation process has been validated and is recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation, a body which “accredits the accreditors” in the United States. CIS International Accreditation is further validated and accepted by other countries internationally as a mark of quality assurance including NCCT in China, ONESQA in Thailand, State Departments of Education in Australia, the Council of British International Schools in the UK, and others. Accordingly, many universities and colleges in the United States and around the world fully recognize and accept students’ transcripts from CIS-Accredited schools.
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