International Mindedness at ISR

The ISR community aims to be mindful, to be aware, respectful and appreciative of ourselves, of others and the diversity of all cultures and environments.

Through empathy, openness, inquiry, knowledge, thought, communication, care, courage, reason, reflection and principled action, our community and its members strive to understand the complexity and diversity of human interactions within and between cultures and environments.

The aim of our programs at ISR is to develop compassionate and active individuals who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, engage responsibly to create a better and more peaceful world.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is a state of mind reflecting the IB Learner Profile within the IB’s Global Contexts.

As such, a Global Citizen is someone who

  • Recognizes broader range of environments beyond their own country (social, political, economic)
  • Perceives that they have a role in global concerns (social equality, environment, politics)
  • Acknowledges the value of diversity (culture, ethnicity, languages)
  • Has perceptions and understanding of the interconnectedness of our world (globalization)
  • Strongly objects to inequality and injustice (fairness and development)
  • Plays an active role in their community in a variety of ways: think globally, act locally
  • Takes responsibility to improve the condition of the planet and its people

(November 2014)