Kindergarten (IB PYP)

The children participate in a wide range of activities, including developmentally appropriate work with literacy and numeracy, science and social studies. They engage in cooking, art and craft projects, dramatic play, story-telling, music and physical education. Beginning computer skills are taught in the computer laboratory. Some activities will take place in German to expose the children to the language of the region.

The Early Years Program is split into 2 groups: Kindergarten 1 and 2 for 3 and 4 year-olds and Kindergarten 3 for 5 year-olds. Children are eligible for Kindergarten 1 once they turn three and are eligible for Kindergarten 3 if their fifth birthday falls on or before August 31st of the academic year.

The Kindergarten programs provide a stimulating and supportive environment with a balance between learning and fun, structure and choice, along with group and individual exploration. The children are given oppotunities which promote social, emotional, physical and language development.

Children are active learners and inquirers. They learn to think, reason, question, experiment, solve problems and work collaboratively as they participate in a variety of open-ended and teacher guided tasks.

Children in Kindergarten 1 must attend a minimum of 3 half days a week.

Children in Kindergarten 2 must attend a minimum of 5 half days a week.

Children in Kindergarten 3 attend a full-time program (Wednesday afternoon is optional).

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