Educational Technology

The role that technology plays in our lives is increasing daily in all areas of our lives. At ISR, we recognise this and are preparing our students to live, learn and work in an increasingly technologically complex world.

We want to ensure that our classroom-based technologies stimulate a student’s creativity, analytical abilities and instil confidence in their self-expression and communication.

Our goal is to improve learning and we believe that we can do so by providing students with access to the information and tools where and when they need it. We do this by supporting traditional classwork with various technological tools – such as iMacs, MacBooks and iPads. In Middle Years we have a one-to-one MacBook programme and B.Y.O.D practice with our older students.

Students learn to use educational apps, how to create, share and edit documents and design and produce their own multimedia. Our teachers use technology to supplement their lessons and to help students dive deeper into class assignments and access information to help them better understand key and related concepts.