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Student Support

School Life

We support our students on many levels and offer language support (EAL and German classes), guidance counselling, career counselling and learning support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

While we celebrate diversity and the multitude of nationalities and languages at ISR, English is our medium of teaching and communicating. For students who speak limited or no English when joining ISR, we offer special support through specialised EAL staff. They will work with homeroom teachers and the student either during classes or in separate small-group or private sessions. Especially at the beginning of EAL the workload and tasks can be adapted to the student’s abilities and will slowly increase in difficulty according to the progress of the student.

First Language

We think it is important that students maintain a high level of competence in their first language and therefore offer lessons in English and German for (near) native and non-native speakers. 

At the diploma level for students whose first language is not English or German, it is possible to study their language as a language A course at the standard level.


With a full-time student guidance counsellor on-site we are in the position to offer support to our students and their families: from settling in, through tough examination times to career advice for the times after ISR. Our comprehensive counselling program focuses on three domains: academic development, personal, social and career development.

Our Counsellor is happy to assist with (but not limited to):

  • Provide short-term independent, group or class counselling regarding personal, academic, social, or behavioural issues 
  • Individual support during exam periods
  • Coordinate the orientation of new students 
  • Assist administration in developing student leadership opportunities 
  • Assist families with referrals to outside agencies 
  • Collaborate with teachers to present proactive, prevention-based guidance curriculum lessons 
  • Assume the role of student advocate

For our older students, our counsellor also assists with career advice:

  • Develop curriculum in the areas of career exploration, university and college guidance, goal setting, and lifestyle choices 
  • Provide assistance and advice to ISR families for their children‘s university application and post-secondary school planning   
  • Assist students with the registering for ACT, SAT Prep, SAT I & II, and TOEFL tests 
  • Establish relationships and networks with other professionals in the field and maintain a list of local consultants

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The school also serves students with intellectual, physical, social, emotional, linguistic and other special learning characteristics, mirroring the multi-faceted world in which we live. 

Within our student-centred curriculum, we are able to integrate accommodations in order to meet a variety of learning needs. In collaboration with students, parents and teachers, we identify the needs of students and promote curricular integration and the engagement of the student to best address each student’s learning style.

Overall, limited support can be given to those with learning needs; however, ISR is not able to provide for a student who requires substantial support. The school will assist families in finding appropriate external support where possible.