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As a non-selective school, our doors are open to all families with children from ages 3 to 19 sharing our vision and mission. We accept applications all year round -  providing places are available - and are happy to work with families to make the application as simple as possible.

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Frequently Asked Admission Questions

For students who speak limited or no English when joining ISR, we offer special support through specialised EAL staff. Especially at the beginning of EAL the workload and tasks can be adapted to the student’s abilities and will slowly increase in difficulty according to the progress of the student. 

This overview compares education systems in Switzerland, UK and US and the IB programme regarding approximate ages, grades and duration of each stage.

ISR Grades Comparison Table | PDF 31 KB

No. ISR is a day school only. Please refer to the term dates and school hours page for our opening hours. 

If you or your child don’t speak German (yet) that is not a problem. Our language of instruction and communication is English. 

We also offer intensive German classes that accompany our curriculum on two levels for native speakers and for new learners to promote integrating into the Swiss culture. 
For students new to the English language, we provide first-class EAL (English as an Additional Language) support through our dedicated support staff. 

ISR is experienced in working closely with companies, expats and families moving to the region from all over the world. We are happy to discuss how we can support your company to bring valuable assets to the Rheintal region. Our Head of HR and finances, Mr René Sprecher, will be delighted to help with any queries.