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About the Scholarship


As a not-for-profit International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, International School Rheintal (ISR) has global citizenship and personal responsibility at its core. We are committed to removing barriers to entry for academically-minded students who would benefit from an ISR international education.


The story behind the scholarship programme

In 2022 we began our scholarship journey when we launched a financial scholarship programme for refugee Ukrainian students who came to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, following the outbreak of war. In close collaboration and through the generous support of the Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein, we developed and launched the scholarship programme for academically-minded students to enter Grades 9 and 10 so they could continue on an academic route and are now attending the IB Diploma Programme, which opens up access to universities throughout the world. We learnt much from this process and now offer this opportunity to local students, too. 

In line with our core values, ISR extended the scholarship programme in 2023 and made the decision to develop an academic scholarship programme to ensure that ISR education is accessible for all. 

The idea of the ISR Academic Scholarship Programme was born and put into action, made possible by donations from the Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein as well as other foundations and contributions from the community and earnings from the ISR shop.

How does the scholarship work?

  • This scholarship includes full financial support for school fees for three years from Grade 10 through Grade 12. 
  • It is aimed at local students who are academically-minded, and would benefit from an international education but would ordinarily not be in a situation to afford the costs of an international education.
  • The first recipients of the ISR Academic Scholarship Programme will begin in Grade 10 in August 2024. 
  • The programme is funded through financial donations and contributions from individuals and organisations across Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. 

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