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School Uniform


Thus, following Swiss school conventions and heeding to an appropriate dress code, a school uniform is not part of our code of conduct at ISR.

However, ISR recently launched an online shop with a wide range of ISR-branded items for you to choose from. The purchase of the items is voluntary and payments are made directly in the online shop.

To The Shop

ISR also offers an ISR PE kit. It is produced by the eco-sportswear label Tsunami Sport. They create eco-friendly sportswear by not only repurposing plastic bottles but also reducing the use of water in their production and avoiding plastic all along the production and shipment process.

Please contact the front office if you are interested in purchasing a PE kit and for available sizes.

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Of fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET)


of wrapping dissolves in water


recycled cardboard boxes for shipment


Water used for the colouring process


plastic in wrapping


Bio-friendly ink