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School Life

Our activities run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Primary School and during lunchtime throughout the week for Senior School. All activities are voluntary and run for one Semester. They are planned and supervised by our teaching staff and are laid out to be enjoyable and age-appropriate. 

Examples of Activities on Offer:

  • Arts and crafts club
  • Typing class
  • Learn Basic Latin
  • Live music mixing and recording
  • Gardening
  • Junior/ Senior running club
  • Model United Nations
  • Basketball
  • Digital journalism
  • Kids' yoga and mindfulness
  • Football club
  • Songwriting
  • Surface designer club
  • Modern art club
  • ...and many more

*not all activities will be offered every semester as we strive to offer a changing variety of activities. A minimum of student numbers must be enlisted to open a group.

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Duke of Edinburgh International Award

ISR proudly delivers the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, which is available for 14 - 24-year-olds. Our students who are involved in the award have to show commitment in different areas:

  • Service
  • Physical recreation
  • Skills through an adventurous journey

This experience encourages students to reach their potential in other ways besides academics. It stimulates them to think critically and reflect thoughtfully, and gives them the opportunity to explore challenges they have never done before.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award promotes international-mindedness and boosts students’ acquisition of skills that will last for life. 

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award reflects the spirit, the vision and the mission of ISR.