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School Life

As part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the kindergarten is also underpinned by its student-centred and holistic learning approach and framework.

In these early years (3-6 years), children develop faster than in any other period of the child’s life whilst the foundations for future learning are formed. At this stage, play is the primary driver for inquiry, enabling the development of fundamental physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

In our kindergarten, this natural curiosity and drive to inquire through play is key to all learning. We understand children as curious and capable learners, who bring a rich potential, their own agency, diverse skills and preferences with them. 

With stimulating learning environments, using indoor and outdoor resources, our PYP teachers promote learning as facilitators, researchers, participants and observers.

With our high teacher-to-student ratio, we are in a perfect position to carefully monitor the learning process and development of the whole child, whilst also being able to offer individualised support for each student.

The ISR kindergarten paves the way for a smooth and strong start into school life!


Care Options

Full Day
08:55 - 15:20 (arrival from 8:30)
Half Day
08:55 - 12:30  (only available for children four years and younger)

Care options vary with age, please refer to the admissions calculator to find out what we can offer for your child.

Pre- and After School Care at ISR

ISR offers pre- and after-school care.

This programme is available to ISR and non-ISR students but preference will be given to ISR students.

Pre-School Care (PSC)
Mondays-Fridays08:00 - 08:3008:15 - 08:30
After-School Care (ASC)
Mondays-Fridays15:20 - 17:0015:20 - 18:0016:25 - 17:0016:25 - 18:00

The ASC offers different creative activities which may include activities that are linked to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Students may also take part in games, and be given homework support which could be facilitated in small groups. A nutritious snack will also be provided to all students. 

For more information, fees and to register for these programmes please refer to the document below.

If you would like to receive more information about the programme, please send an e-mail to Ms Peaches Lewis [email protected].

Why ISR Kindergarten?

Aged mixed groups promote learning from one another

- ISR Kindergarten

Foundations of learning are built for a smooth transition into school

- ISR Kindergarten

High teacher to student ratio

- ISR Kindergarten

Holistic child development

- ISR Kindergarten

Individually adapted learning

- ISR Kindergarten

Intercultural environment forms an open-minded individual

- ISR Kindergarten

Small group sizes

- ISR Kindergarten

If you would like to know if the ISR Kindergarten is the right choice for your child, we are happy to show your our facilities and school on a private tour.

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Room to Discover and Grow

Our campus for our youngest students is carefully planned and has a lot to offer to promote play, inquiry and learning experiences:

  • classrooms that are designed to promote exploration and play with plenty of room for music, singing, rhyming and storytime.
  • modern furniture that encourages movement
  • quiet spaces
  • inviting playground with pirate ship 
  • water play area