From the students …

Students reflect on the Learner Profile in literature

Our PYP students listened to stories in the library and thought about how the characters showed the Learner Profile attributes.  To record their ideas, they created these lovely video clips using the ‘Adobe Voice’ app.

Imaginary Fred 1

The Smartest Giant in Town

The Sandwich Swap 1

The Cloud


Imaginary Fred 2

The Sandwich Swap 2

Book Trailers

Our Grade 8 students researched, designed and created these Book Trailers using iMovie.

ISR Promotional Video

Click the link below to view a short promotional video made by students in grades 9 & 10 as part of their MYP Design course:


ISR Student Brochure iBook

Click the link below to download an interactive school brochure made by students in grades 9 & 10 as part of their MYP Design course.  The file is in Apple iBooks format and will open on a Mac or iPad.


(Please note – the link opens a DropBox download window.  If you do not have a DropBox account, simply select “No thanks, continue to download” at the bottom of the window)


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